“Rahula Sandawa” organized by Rahula College Old Boys’ Association – Colombo, was held in 2nd of march, 2019 at Kingsbury, Colombo. It was commenced at 8.00 P.M. and continued until 3.00 A.M. with the tuneful music of DADDY Band. Professor Saman Abeysinghe & his beloved wife were participated as the chief guests of this event. They were warmly welcome by the president of the association Mr. Sarath Mohotti & his Wife. Mr. Piyal Wijeweera & his belowed wife were participated as the guests & they were welcome by Co-President Mr. Kalana Alwis & his Wife. Welcome speech done by Mr. Indika Gunawardhana, the Co-President Rahula Sandawa Organizing committee & after that Rear Admiral Sarath Mohotti address the event. With the end of Guest Speeches, “Rahula Sandawa’ Begun.