AGM of the Rahula OBA Colombo and the election of the Executive Members for 2024/2025 was held on 30th March 2024 at Ariana Reach Hotel Maharagama.

The newly elected President , Secretary and Treasurer of the Rahula OBA Colombo, unreservedly appreciate and wholeheartedly wished all being appointed at the AGM held on 30th March 2024 for the year 2024/25 .

Further we would like to thank all of you for your commitment and dedication displayed by coming forward and volunteered for the Ex Co membership . With your vigor and unwavering support , We are sure we can work together to achieve our planned goals for our Alma Mater.

Sujeewa Lokuhewa -Hon President

Kamalanath Dissanayaka-Hon Secretary

Gayan Ranawaka – Hon Treasurer